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Logo design process
Your Logo is the visual identity of your company. A logo is what makes your company recognisable. To design a logo, except for the name of your company, it is important for Reload’s creative team to know which category of business you are in, so that the logo can clearly represent your company.
That is why Reload approaches logo design with the utmost professionalism – through communication with the client, researching their needs, and at the same time following the latest design trends.
The greatest emphasis is put on communication in the design process. That way the client has an insight into the project progress, and our designers get feedback that leads to successful solution. Such approach maximizes the possibility for the end customers to be satisfied with the final product.

Original logo
Logo design consists not only of typography (letters), but of signs, illustrations and drawings as well, and anything in between. Graphic designers often use the combination of signs and text or letters to transmit the message from clients to their target audience, with establishing balance between the two.
With typography-based logo design, designers rely on words to transfer the message, with paying special attention to visual appeal. Graphics can also be single-letter logos, hence memorable due to their simplicity. Signs, on the other hand, are powerful and efficient communication tool which transfers not only information, but the mood and emotions as well. Today, logo design is a form of art in its own right, hence your logo should display your business in its best light. Logo embodies your business, but it cannot represent all your activities nor services you offer.

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